A Calling for Entries in the 2011 Charles Prize for Poetry Contest

Announcing the second annual Poetry Contest!

An award will be given to the writer who submits for consideration the most outstanding poem within the realm of health, science, or medicine.

The contest starts today and ends September 31st, 2011. The winners will be chosen shortly thereafter by an elite group of 8 judges (other doctors, friends with literary training, and select bloggers).

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I’d love to see a limerick win. Make me proud…

TrendsMD: TMLT’s blog

TrendsMD is the blog of Texas Medical Liability Trust, and it has some informative things on it.

I look forward to the first insurer blog flamewar, though….

Impeding progress

Dr. Edwin Leap (he of the excellently written and quite frequently updated EdwinLeap.com has started a second blog, to which he seeks submissions.

I think from the title of his new effort,  Impeding progress, you can get a feel for what he’s after.

Interesting idea, and while it’ll give all of a place to vent our spleens, I find blogs that are all negative rants to be cringeworthy after a while. I’m sure Dr. Leap (whom I met at ACEP this year, and he didn’t know me from Adam), will do a good editorial job.

So, go hither and submit your case of impeding progress!

Extra Credit: Fort Worth teen wins first Google Global Science Fair

Fort Worth teen wins first Google Global Science Fair

Shree Bose, 17, found that a metabolic enzyme affects ovarian cancer cells that can cause them to become resistant to certain treatments and discovered a way to improve cancer treatment when such resistance happens.

The Fort Worth Country Day senior wins $50,000 in scholarships, a trip to the Galapagos Islands for her project and a three-day internship to the prominent European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva, known by its French acronym as CERN. Fair winners were announced last night at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Bose was inspired to research cancer after her grandfather died from the illness two years ago. She has presented related work to various science fairs, winning some top honors in the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair and the Exxonmobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair. She was one of 15 finalists in the Google competition.

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Okay, a little snark for a gender switchup, but good for Ms. Bose!


Doc Shazam, please drop me an email.

Sorry for the non-posting interruption.

Humanity frees cattle, buffalo from cloven-hoofed plague • The Register

The second disease ever defeated by man.

The OIE was able to declare yesterday that “the 198 countries with rinderpest-susceptible animals had been declared free of the disease”.OIE director general Bernard Vallat said: “Today we witness a historical event as rinderpest is the first animal disease ever to be eradicated by humankind.”

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The other: smallpox.

This is good news.

Fresno Trip

I’m off to Fresno tomorrow, to give a chat about EPIC (our EMR), Scribes and how we see patients with all three in my ED. I’m talking to the residency that mistakenly kept me long enough to graduate, and it’ll be interesting to see their new ED (which I was told would be ready for my last residency year, joke’s on me), and the faculty that remains.

I have been given an hour and a half. I can easily talk all day about seeing patients with EPIC, an hour on scribes and hours and hours about our cascading acuity shift system, so it’s been fun writing a talk to hit the major points without going over. I think I’ve hit the right balance, but time will literally tell.

I’m still debating renting a car vs. the hotel shuttle and a couple of taxi rides. I like the freedom of having my own wheels, but as I’m there for right at 27 hours (many of which will be spent sleeping) it seems kind of a waste. Still debating.

Couldn’t be a better time to be flying, right? This week I will not gripe about everyone going through the TSA’s enhanced interrogation.

(I wonder if any of the Fresno EM residents twitter, that would be interesting…)

Blog Birthday Numbering Nine


Nine years of intermittent ranting. occasional linkage, and near certain inanity.
Thanks for coming, and the corresponding page views.

I like all 11 of you readers, and always will.


XY SCRUBS | Mens Scrubs – XY SCRUBS.


A new scrub shop, started by a former Army Flight Surgeon (now a Surgery Resident).

Don’t know much more than that, but check it out.

Wisconsin licensing panel investigating fake doctors’ notes during anti-Walker protests | Philip Klein | Beltway Confidential | San Francisco Examiner

Wisconsin’s physician licensing panel is investigating eight physicians who have been accused of writing phony doctors’ notes excusing anti-Scott Walker protesters from work while attending rallies at the state capital in February.

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Word to the Wise, one of a series

If you’re alleging assault, don’t get loud with the Officer there to take a report. Especially if you have Felony warrants.

Politics mustn’t silence end-of-life talks – USATODAY.com

I ask my patients this question, though not as often as I’d like. Talking about death may be uncomfortable, but it’s a conversation that needs to happen more often.

via Politics mustn’t silence end-of-life talks – USATODAY.com.

Kevin, MD continues his juggernaut to own the Social Media world.  Nice work.

ER Doctor Writes Book

Got an email from Dr. Mary Engrav, an EM Physician who’s written a book called “Stories from the ED (Volume 1). It’s available on Amazon now.

I haven’t read it, but seems like if you’re interested in ER stories, $12 is a good price point.

The plate I’d make


Texas, ah luv u


I Love this time of year

All the trees turn green, and the grass makes its move from hibernation to hassle.

Yea, spring!