Steven DenBeste 1952-2016

I cannot say I knew anything of the man except from his writing in the early days of blogging, and it was usually terrific ( i never got the Animae, but to each his own). The USS Clueless was his vessel, and ironic title given how he had a pretty good handle on things.

And now I learn he’s died, way too young. I enjoyed the education he gave, and the erudition with which he brought it.



Dead Blogs

Time to prune the blog rolls.  No posts in a while?  Your blog is deceased.  (Yes, like the Norwegian Blue Parrot).

It’s a hobby, not a career.

Health Policy & Communications Blog

Health Policy & Communications Blog

Welcome to the Health Policy & Communications Blog. This blog is to foster discussion and analysis about how health policy and communications issues affect clinical and economic outcomes.

Health policy affects everyone who reads this blog (or any other for that matter, perhaps less directly).  A well-written blog, worth reading.