Terrific Southwest Airlines safety briefing video

Beats the others:   I think using humor to keep peoples' attention beats all the pre-recorded announcements hands down. … [Continue reading]

Medicare Payments to Providers in 2012 – WSJ.com

Medicare Payments to Providers in 2012 Newly released Medicare billing data show total payments to more than 880,000 medical providers in 2012, totaling $77 billion. Search the database by provider name, specialty and location to see the types and … [Continue reading]

Texas citizenship test: Dirk and Conan

Funny bit.   … [Continue reading]

Resuscitation 2014

As you read this, I'm winging to sunny Las Vegas for the Resuscitation-2014 conference. Not only is it going to be a first-class conference, I and a fantastic team organized by Haney Mallemat (twitter @CriticalCareNow ) will be live-tweeting the … [Continue reading]

Am I the only one

who, when they get a new Uninterrupted Power Supply immediately cracks that thing open and rips the buzzer off the circuit board? … [Continue reading]

My first tweet

My First Tweet

The inauspicious beginning:     … [Continue reading]

This is why the War on Squirrels started


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My new ER, in a video

It's really well done. … [Continue reading]

The Generator works

even when I try to turn it off! Just after midnight, it's cold and a little windy but nothing different than the rest of our weather for the last dozen winters, and then: power outage for more than 30 seconds, then the standby generator comes on, … [Continue reading]

Tesla’s Waco Supercharger

Waco supercharging stations

Visited this the second week of February, 2014. 8 stations, all empty when I was there: Parking was marked as '60 minute'; is this at all the superchargers? If that's not the norm, I suspect it's because there's a hotel immediately behind … [Continue reading]

Grandpa’s little dentist


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I have a blog?

It was pointed out to me (very politely) that I've left the blog fallow for more than a month. That's a first, and hopefully a last. I have some excuses, and while they're stronger than 'the dog ate my homework' they are still excuses, and I owe … [Continue reading]

Happy Anniversary honey!

Happiest angry bird competitor ever.

Thanks for the 24 terrific years. I love you. … [Continue reading]

Weird things I notice


Carnival cruise lines took some hits recently with ships that had power problems. I figured they'd overcome those issues, but didn't know how. Now I know. On both of the Carnival boats we saw on a recent cruise, there's this: So it's easier … [Continue reading]

A rare Disney screwup

A few too many

The family (minus a couple) went on a Disney Cruise lines cruise for Christmas. It was the Happiest Boat on Earth while we were there, and a good time was had by all*. Astonishingly, I accidentally walked into a bar on the ship, which had just … [Continue reading]