Resuscitation 2014

As you read this, I'm winging to sunny Las Vegas for the Resuscitation-2014 conference. Not only is it going to be a first-class conference, I and a fantastic team organized by Haney Mallemat (twitter @CriticalCareNow ) will be live-tweeting the … [Continue reading]

Am I the only one

who, when they get a new Uninterrupted Power Supply immediately cracks that thing open and rips the buzzer off the circuit board? … [Continue reading]

My first tweet

My First Tweet

The inauspicious beginning:     … [Continue reading]

This is why the War on Squirrels started


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My new ER, in a video

It's really well done. … [Continue reading]

The Generator works

even when I try to turn it off! Just after midnight, it's cold and a little windy but nothing different than the rest of our weather for the last dozen winters, and then: power outage for more than 30 seconds, then the standby generator comes on, … [Continue reading]

Tesla’s Waco Supercharger

Waco supercharging stations

Visited this the second week of February, 2014. 8 stations, all empty when I was there: Parking was marked as '60 minute'; is this at all the superchargers? If that's not the norm, I suspect it's because there's a hotel immediately behind … [Continue reading]

Grandpa’s little dentist


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I have a blog?

It was pointed out to me (very politely) that I've left the blog fallow for more than a month. That's a first, and hopefully a last. I have some excuses, and while they're stronger than 'the dog ate my homework' they are still excuses, and I owe … [Continue reading]

Happy Anniversary honey!

Happiest angry bird competitor ever.

Thanks for the 24 terrific years. I love you. … [Continue reading]

Weird things I notice


Carnival cruise lines took some hits recently with ships that had power problems. I figured they'd overcome those issues, but didn't know how. Now I know. On both of the Carnival boats we saw on a recent cruise, there's this: So it's easier … [Continue reading]

A rare Disney screwup

A few too many

The family (minus a couple) went on a Disney Cruise lines cruise for Christmas. It was the Happiest Boat on Earth while we were there, and a good time was had by all*. Astonishingly, I accidentally walked into a bar on the ship, which had just … [Continue reading]

By my brother’ book: Think Fast Enchilada Edition

Until today, Think Fast – The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning was available exclusively in paperback form. Here is the link to the Kindle Edition of Think Fast. Everything in the print edition is in there – it’s the whole enchilada, but one that you … [Continue reading]

Last minute shopping for a gearhead?

Look no further than ! Any place that has both blinker fluid and heavy duty clutch belts has just what you need for the speed freak in your life. (Seriously, how does somebody have the time and talent to make a site like … [Continue reading]

Birth Day for brother and niece!

For my little brother (who's taller and smarter than me, thank goodness I'm better looking): He's a touch older than in this picture (he was the lead mechanical engineer making this thing fly, in one year):   And, to my niece Annie! … [Continue reading]