Consultants and Transfers

If you’re a consultant doc to an ED, and the ED doc gives you a courtesy call that they’ve accepted a very critical patient for you to take care of, because a)you’re a doctor, b)it’s your specialty and c)you’re on call for that specialty, feel free to say “Thanks”, or even “OK”. A two minute tirade on how life is unfair, demonstrating that your mom obviously didn’t love you like your sibling, or that your undies are too tight isn’t really necessary. It is, in fact, painful and embarrasing to listen to, and we’re embarrased for you.

In fact, should you be a consultant in a system where the ED doc makes all the transfer acceptances, perhaps you’d like to change that system and take all the transfer calls for your specialty yourself, at all hours of the day or night, should you be on call. If not, perhaps you could act more like a professional, a physician and a colleague, and less like a spoiled child with a good vocabulary and a bad attitude. That’d be great, and everyone around you would be glad to work with you. The ED Doc would be glad to be out of the middle of that system, believe me.

So, you do your job, and we’ll do ours. Do your job without making ours painful, and we’ll help. Do your job with even a hint of a good attitude and we’ll go out of our way to help you out. We’re not your enemy, we’re ED docs.

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