We are fortunate enough to live literally at the edge of the wilderness and civilization. The price is that wild creatures think our airconditioned abode is their Disneyland.

Today, it was a snake in the house. We came home, I was getting things out of the car, and my daughter came running back into the garage, announcing: “there’s a snake in the house”. From the tone, I expected something the size of my arm.

The snake was some foot-long pencil thin thing, and was in danger of being teased to death by the cats. The cats wished it no ill, they were just enjoying a new plaything. After a little thought, the snake was ushered outside.

This is my second episode of uninvited house snakes, and this was undoubtedly the calmer of the episodes (the other involved a rattler and a king snake in the house simultaneously).

I think it’s because we went bowling instead of going to church.


  1. So let’s hear about the rattler!! :-)

  2. Ausnt Susie says:

    Bowling?!?!Hmmmm. Maybe you should look into that!