Honda Accord Commercial Link

It is a great commercial, and links to it keep disappearing. I found it again, today:

Honda Cog ad.

It was never shown in the US; our attention spans are too low.


  1. doc –
    That is so awesome!
    Saw it awhile back and lost it. Thanks!

  2. It all works for me until the tire rolls up the incline and nudges the other tire up the incline, I think the laws of energy were compromised a bit, other than that, it was satisfying in that “techno-geeky cool” kinda way.

  3. Jim,
    the tires were internally weighted so they’d do that. I read it in an article about the commercail when it first came out.

    I linked to this commercial because I think it’s very cool, and mpst people haven’t seen it. Now I can tell them how to get to it.

  4. I presume you got it from Instapundit’s comments on ads that were never seen in the U.S.

    I found it instructive that three of the most reprehensible ads came from different Saatchi & Saatchi groups worldwide (Disclaimer: Actually, I could only watch part of one and read the descriptions of the other two)

    Being a techno-geek,I think the Honda ad was kinda cool

    Did you check out JAPANDER.COM? I travel to Asia frequently and have seen several of the ?made for the Japan market only? ads.

    Some are quite reasonable, for instance who can?t agree that Sean Connery = Scotch

    But Madonna = Pure???

    A few years ago I was in Bavaria (Garmich Partenkirchen, the U.S. Army really got the best parts of Germany after the war!) and I saw a T.V. ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger plugging the Austrian train service. I was impressed and turned to my wife and excitedly exclaimed “Wow! Arnie speaks perfect German!”

    She didn’t say anything and just gave me “the look” any married man know.

    I thought about it then realized, “Oh yeah, he’s Austrian, isn’t he?”


    p.s. Did you get the email I sent you about shoulder launched air defense weapons?

  5. Jim,
    good comments, as always! You really need a blog.

    No, I didn’t get anything about shoulder-fired air-defense weapons, but I’d like to!