Ridiculous site linkage

Ok, I’m not proud, but I killed about an hour at SubservientChicken.com, a BurgerKing site to promote their new chicken sandwich.

This is a site that features a person in a chicken suit, in the cheesy-webcam style, who will act out (most) of the things you tell him to. Enjoy. Don’t forget to tell him “Chicken Sandwich”.

via the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, your late night friend on the drive home.


  1. Hah! I loved this. Have you typed in “home alone”? He does a great imitation of the kid in the movie.

  2. OMG! This is great. At first I thought it was some pre-programmed thing so I typed in “hump like a dog” and he did!! I am rolling in the floor. Poor guy. I wonder if he gets paid.

  3. He wouldn’t tidy up my living room, though.