For those in the DFW area, I’m considering building an Ark. Anyone want to help?

Enough with the rain. Bring on the heat and oppressive humidity of summer.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s a cubit?

  2. Why bother with yours? With the weather that we have, I made sure my house floated and has wings.

  3. Machelle says:

    You can borrow mine, I think (crossing fingers) were done with it now.

    In Michigan we had 8.5 inches of rain in May. (avg 3.05 inches)

    The weatherpeople kept saying be glad it isn’t snow

    (1 inch of rain = 1 foot of snow)

  4. I just checked my handy dandy wireless, digital rain gauge for the last 8 days. In Plano, we have had at least .39 and as high as 1.57 every day except today…so far.

    My back yard is a mud pit and the dogs are slowly transferring it to the living room carpet, one muddy paw at a time.

  5. P.S.
    I’ve had 9.17 inches of rain since the once of March