Friday Night Lights: Sleepless Review

Friday Night Lights (the movie) has its big theater opening tonight, but last night the good people of the Permian Basin got the Texas Premiere, and Mr. Jones of Sleepless in Midland went to watch. Here’s his review: Sleepless in Midland: “Friday Night Lights.” Saw it. Loved it!

The Last Picture Show meets Any Given Sunday.

Last night at least 900 people paid $100 each for a ticket to see the Texas premiere of Friday Night Lights in Odessa. And, it was a real premiere with limos, a red carpet, tv crews, stars, the director. The only thing missing was Joan Rivers.

Author H. G. “Buzz” Bissinger apparently never really understood the intoxicating effect winning can have. And, in his book he treated the people of Odessa as some sort of curiosity. Forget the book. The movie was the book Buzz Bissinger should have written. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a football game will enjoy this movie. And what a powerful movie it was!

His review is certianly less generic than that of the New York Times. Skip the Times, read the Sleepless review.


  1. Aerospace Genius says:

    We saw it this afternoon. It was excellent, surprisingly authentic, and focused clearly on the drama, ups and downs, and educational value of school sports for the players, the school, and the community. Friday Night Lights is a rare gem made even better by the choice of my high school as the venue.