Camera Phones and Medicine – Camera phones may make a doctor’s house calls – Feb 22, 2005

Next up for cell phones with built-in digital cameras: making house calls for doctors.

Next to come: plaintiff’s attorneys paying for their photos.

I thought about this while suturing a patinet recently, and the patients’ friend took ‘before and after’ photos while I was in the room. While I wasn’t in the pictures (so far as I know), it made me wonder what new chicanery lies in store. Makes me want to take my own ‘before and after’ wound pictures (although when I brought this up so many committees and lawyers were suggested I let it go).

It’s a brave new world, and it’s going to be caught on digicams. Goody.

PS: (I’ll know it’s a new world when my telephone book doesn’t make me feel soiled just touching it: plaintiff lawyer ads front, spine and back covers).


  1. I’ve been wondering about those cameras on phones too. Just the other day two kids at the skate park used phones to dial 911 for their buddy who crashed and burned (dislocated his right foot) and then proceeded to take pics of him, the ambulance, him being loaded into the ambulance etc etc. When they arrived at the ER I quietly mentioned we had a rule about pictures and they very respectfully said “sorry” and turned them off. Do we really have a rule? I don’t know, frankly. I imagine HIPPA would have something to say about it. By the way, great blog, I’ve enjoyed perusing it.
    florence (as in nightengale, its as original as I could get when faced with that blank for putting in your nick)