Excuses for being distracted

Many excuses for the paucity of posts, and the lack of thought in them. Essentially, I’ve had just enough things on my plate that the content has slid.

Mainly, we’ve had the house shambilized by HVAC demo, removal, reconstruction then installation of the faster newer and better system. Then the troubleshooting to find out why the system wasn’t working. Now it’s working for heat, and we’ll find out about the AC later.

During this I decided to monkey with the templates. Picture a thousand monkeys typing code thinking they’re approximating literature and you’re on the right track. And I have a job, too, which means I’m trying to sleep when the new construction is going on, troubleshooting bad template mods while tired and distracted.

Anyway, the majority of that’s behind me, thank heaven. More ramblings soon.


  1. You get to sleep while you work?