Another Nail in the Head

I don’t know if I am just sensitive to these, or if I’m seeing more than others, but we had another nail to the skull recently:

That's gotta hurt

oh, man, it does hurt

This poor fellow had a 2×4 fall from a height and just impale itself in his head. Fire cut the board off the patient, and sent him to us.

Yes, on the CT (sorry, no photo) it does penetrate the dura and tickles the brain. The patient was awake and alert, and after a trip to the OR (presumably with either a slide-hammer or vise grips) and did well.


  1. heh…”tickles the brain”

    Now that is a phrase I never want to have used when describing any medical condition I may have.

    Nice pictures.

  2. I’m starting to get an irrational fear of nails flying at my head, and a strong desire for full-time hard-hat.

  3. The strangest cephalic FB I ever encountered was a bullet picked up on a “routine”skull xray wrt a scalp laceration. I decided to do the film because of the circumstances: EtOH, between 0000 & 0600, bad section of town, “just walking along minding my own business”. The laceration wasn’t much & no skull Fx was found. It was possible this was a pre-exisiting condition.