Change of Shift 1:5

Change of Shift

Welcome once again to Change of Shift: A Nursing Blog Carnival, the bi-weekly compendium of nursing-related postings from around the medical blogosphere.

Modeled after the blogfather of all things medical, Grand Rounds, and shamelessly copied from Nick of Blogborygmi, Change of Shift is nursing related, but written from the perspective of all participants in the world of health care.

A big thanks to Intelinurse2b at It’s A Nursing Thing, for hosting our last edition..

And now, the fifth edition of Change of Shift.


It’s up!  Go and enjoy.


And, today’s Required Reading: Talking to Doctors.  This is wonderful!  Thanks, Kim!


  1. Now we just need a doc to write, “Talking to Nurses” ;)

  2. PaedsRN,
    First, I miss your blog.

    Second, speaking to nurses is probably better written by a nurse than a doc, for reasons I don’t have to expound upon.

  3. I stuck my neck out again and am now co-blogging at Mediblogopathy (for as long as its original author will put up with me, that is.)