‘Sperm-stopping’ male pill hope

No doubt to be marketed side-by-side with the morning after pill is:

‘Sperm-stopping’ male pill hope: “Scientists are developing a male contraceptive drug which stops the development process of sperm.”

“Yeah, baby, I’m on the pill”. Are there actually going to be takers for that line?


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  2. Jared Solomon says:

    I see you’re not up on your Judy Small songbook… http://sniff.numachi.com/pages/tiIPDEVICE.html

    The I.P.D
    (L. Tanner, Sue Edmonds)

    I’ll sing you all a song about a wondrous new device
    The nation’s latest contraceptive plan
    That funny little object they call the IUD
    Has recently been changed to fit a man

    CHO: It’s the IPD, the IPD
    It may not feel too good to you but it’s not hurting me
    So every time the pain begins to fill your eyes with tears
    Remember I put up with it for years

    They tested it on whales and they tried it out on mice
    They used it in the poorer parts of town
    It’s the cleverest invention since the automatic lift
    It’s guaranteed to never let you down (CHO)

    It was proven to be safe for the average human male
    Though testing showed some minor side effects
    There were two died of infection and six were sterilized
    But only ten percent were too depressed (CHO: By the…)

    But you know some people are never satisfied
    So scientists are working once again
    They’ve got something even better than the good old IPD
    It’s called the morning after pill for men

    It’s the pill, it’s better than the IPD
    It may not be too safe but we’ll just have to wait and see
    So put away your worries and put away your fears
    Remember I put up with it for years

    It’s the IPD, . . .

    copyright 1985 Hereford Music
    Recorded by Judy Small

  3. That’s hilarious!

  4. “…the precise molecular basis of its mechanism of action is unknown.”
    This is one of those common disclaimers we hear in medicine all the time, and it should raise legitimate questions for ANY prospective medicant.
    Now, couple that (no pun intended) with the male animal’s neurotic fear (read machismo) of the least interference with his reproductive performance, and you probably have a drug that is doomed to fail. That said, I have unlimited faith in the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to market almost anything.
    Judy Small’s recording is right on target, and the uncomfortable truth is that women have always been more responsible about birth control than we men– most likely because their identities reside somewhere north of their bellybuttons.

  5. I don’t think females being more responsible about birth control has to do with where their identity lies, but more practically with which of the two gets to carry and deliver a child if the precautions are incorrect.