Comment form geeking

All, the upgrade to MT 3.33 is essentially complete.  I took the time (finally) to add some HTML buttons to the comment form, so try them out if you desire.  (I used the Movalog Quicktags hack).

I’m pointing this out as a request for you to let me know if you cannot comment or your comment disappears to please drop me a line.

Update: I should add that in the upgrade process I found about 12 comments that had been held for moderation, but never published. Two were full-on spam, but the other 10 are now published. So, if you harbored me ill-will because I didn’t post your comment, it’s up now.

Update2: I had to choose (apparently) between the javascript formatting buttons or the javascript Comment preview (via Learning Movable Type, an indespensible resource for MT bloggers). Since the comment preview a) looks better and b) doesn’t break the TypeKey login it was an easy choice. So, back to the HTML folks, sorry.