Strange things

A completely random assortment of weird/amusing things I noticed today:

  • Patient’s Chief Complaint: “I want to know if I’m a virgin”.
  • Record ED volume Monday, nearly vacant on Wednesday.
  • Ford F-350 “King Ranch Edition” as a Domino’s pizza delivery vehicle.
  • My Prius’ paint on one door has horrible overspray (found while waxing).
  • The MythBusters have the best job on earth.
  • Patient CC: “Bald spot on back of head”; redundantly foreheaded nurse muses “I’d be a major case, then”.

My seven in a row ends after tomorrow. Perhaps my muse will return during the break.


  1. i’ve had the “am i a virgin” CC before but it was a mom bringing in her very embarassed daughter. how the fuck am i supposed to know? most women have lost the hymenal architecture during childhood from inoccent activities so what can you do? also, i love the “i want you to check my child for drugs” CC. i’ll get right on it.

  2. I assumed you were kidding about CC #1 until I read 911doc’s comment. Good grief.

    “Reduntantly-foreheaded nurse”… hrm… first time I’ve heard it called that before!

  3. Mrs. Fred says:

    Mythbusters — absolutely the ideal job for overgrown boys!

  4. Mythbusters is the best job on Earth, alhtough pizza delivery in an F-350 would be pretty fantastic, too. In fact, I think F-350 pizza driving might be 2nd in manliness to only the Dirty Jobs guy.


  5. In regards to #1, I suppose you could have pointed out that there’s only one intervention you could have provided that would end with a definitive answer.

  6. Zamboni driver at professional hockey games – best.job.ever.

  7. why can’t we just average out our ER volume? I’m tired of getting killed one day and then thumb twiddling another.

  8. Nurse 1961 says:

    It has always been feast or famine. I have worked in 10 different hospitals in 3 different states, same story third verse.

  9. Reduntantly foreheaded nurse…hmmm…Don’t think of it as losing hair, think of it as gaining face.

    My recent favorite cc, “I can’t keep alcohol down.”

  10. I love the virgin question…”Doctor, could you tell me whether my arm is still attached please, I fear it may have fallen off earlier?”

  11. Hehehe…the bf and I ABSOLUTELY love Mythbusters and want their jobs as well. :-P