As one who’s played one and two, this is sooo much better. Wow.

It makes the Xbox360 a worthwhile purchase.

Update: $170 million in Halo3 sales in One Day. I’m in plenty of company, if not good company.

Update2 10-1: the ending wasn’t what I wanted, but no spoilers here.  Still quite the entertaining game.


  1. never got to halo 2. only spent 4 months without sleep on halo 1. i think i’d better just say no.

  2. Hmm. Not on my radar or TV screen. There must be some gene for interest in computer games I just don’t have.

  3. It’s the only game that I like, and so I consider myself only partly-afflicted by the gamer-disease.

  4. I’d love to have an xbox, but my husband found all of these stories about how they break all the time.

    [Tell him to keep his hands off and it won’t break. GruntDoc]