More Dead Blogs

It was time to have a look at all my blogs in the ‘medical’ sidebar, for currency (generally, two plus months of inactivity is enough to consider your blog dead).

Added to the dearly departed:

17 more. I read all the time that ‘there’s a blog started every second’, and it takes most bloggers about 3 months to give up, for a variety of reasons.

I’m sure there are a lot of other active medblogs, but if I’ve not linked them, I don’t know about them.


  1. You don’t know about my blog? This makes me sad!

    I hate that I keep finding great med blogs (Fingers and Tubes…among others) only to discover that they’re dead. Very sad.

  2. Emm, you’re linked, now.

  3. I linked to you, but just cuz I read your blog every day. I’m pre-med, so you don’t have to link to mine if you don’t want to, I just thought I’d let you know that I linked to you.

    [Added to BlogRolling – GruntDoc]

  4. i’m only an M1 with boring stories, but i update at least once a week. i linked you on my blog since you provide daily blog-read-time for me…yay!

    [Linked – GruntDoc]

  5. I just thought you should know that Homeschooled Med Student has a new blog that she is updating regularly about her surgical residency:

    [Thanks, linked – GruntDoc]

  6. I’m not dead! I’m just busy. ;-)

    More to come after the new year I do believe.


  7. I guess that gives me about another month before I run out of gas. We’ll see.

  8. My blog is almost 1 year old, but I do tend to ramble away from medical things sometimes……though there may be a few posts hidden in there relevant to the ED :)
    Dr. J.

    [Linked – GruntDoc]

  9. Thanks, Julia, and Gruntdoc for the link. So far, my blog is alive and well; but I felt that med school graduation deserved a new blog name and setup. :)

  10. I’m just on hold. No invitations. I’ll be back at some point pending a little administrative thingie, if ya know what I mean.

  11. If you consider vet med applicable, then feel free to add me in.

    [add in ‘excellence’ – GruntDoc]

  12. Please add my website to your links list.

    Michael Rack


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