The thing I missed on my days off

Recently I had several days off. It was terrific, but there was something odd about it, and today I found out what.

While working it struck me how many times I got interrupted while trying to do something / talk / think. Life in the ED is hectic, and when you’re the ‘center of the storm’ it’s not calm, it’s busy as heck. Everyone wants or needs information, and you’re literally at the mercy of the person with the least impulse control.

That’s what was odd during my days off: I got to complete thoughts, have uninterrupted conversations, and go through the whole day without unscheduled demands.

It was weird.


  1. Nice that you had those days off Grunt Doc and time to collect your thoughts and refresh for the front lines again. :)

  2. In my semi-retired life, I still enjoy that luxury. It’s called PEACEFULNESS. Glad you get pieces of it.

  3. I honestly think that I’ve developed some variant of ADHD after working 20+ years in emergency medicine.