1. the poor grammar is what tipped me off…

    “handling of this funds and subsequent investments”

  2. I’m always taken by the stupidity of the verbiage; most HS Sophomores could think of a better way to write a scam letter.

  3. Now give the poor guys a break. English is at least their third language!

  4. I guess they figure that the not completely round figure (with the extra FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) makes it more believable. Or maybe it is because of the exchange rate. Which makes the roundness of the number quite unbelievable.

  5. Don’t forget to hand over that cell phone number, LOL! I’m amazed they didn’t ask for your social as well. Thanks for a morning laugh :)

  6. I get literally about 40-50 variations of that spam email a day. My email has been infested. And I block them all with the spam guard but they still make it through. What’s a Happy to do?

  7. Make fun of them on your blog!