Another interesting effort to include docs ’round the world in a social networking experiment using blogs.


  1. i saw this too, but i thought it maybe a bit redundant. oh well. we’ll see.

  2. Pretty cool concept, but I wonder if it will catch on. Only way it will work is if participation occurs, and it would be a major success. It would be fairly tough to moderate though.

  3. I think it’s a really neat idea, as the real value in our medical blogs only gets realized when we bring them together and the only way participation will occur is if we participate…I’m seriously considering moving.

  4. I’ve been following various medical blogs, including Dr Grunt, for a while and have been thinking of setting up my own blog. So when I saw this comment I went to medbrains and signed on. So far I’ve only wrote two posts but watch this space!!! Here’s a link to my blog.


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