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Movin’ Meat: I was due

Movin’ Meat: I was due

Nothing good ever comes via certified mail, and it was with a sense of dread that I took the envelope, noting the return address from a law firm. I opened it and was hit in the gut by the block type at the top reading “NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE,” with my name underneath.

Bummer. You’ll live through it, but it still stinks.

Anyone with DisneyWorld Connections?

Sounds like a good cause:

Hey Doc…

Can you help us? American Legion Post #1460, Machias, NY wants to get SSGT Robert Toland a Princess Tea Party with his wife and 3 daughters (all under 5).
He has Colon Cancer and expects to die before Easter.

We are sending him to Disney in Florida from November 3rd through the 8th (they’re doing an ‘Extreme Home Makeover’ of their own -GD). This will be the last vacation the girls have with their Daddy.

We want to get his family a Tea Party or Dinner with Cinderella. The cost is nearly $700.00 for the 5 of them, and unless someone pulls some strings…reservations are nearly impossible.
But, your blog has many readers…surely one of your subscribers can help.

Please do what you can…

For God and Country,

Kevin Haynes, Service Officer
American Legion, Post #1460
Machias, New York

In an email exchange, he tells me it’s not the money, it’s the arrangements with Disney for the Tea Party they need help with, and turned here because of our vast social network.

If you can help, drop me an email.

(Updated to spell the SSGT’s name right).