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Why you need an ED Pharmacist


And yes, our intrepid ED Pharmacist was able to identify them.  Strong work! – Round The Clock Medical News Aggregator

If you’re like me, there’s never enough to read on the internet.

There’s now a cure, for the medical world at least: – Round The Clock Medical News Aggregator.

As introduced by Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi::

Medical Cavity is a one stop website for medical news worldwide. It is a
single web page which wraps up the latest headlines from the trusted
medical news sources worldwide. It gives you a quick glance on what’s
happening in the medical world. Medical Cavity is the starting point for
Doctors to navigate the world of medicine.

Website :

I salute Dr. Karturi, and will be visiting frequently.

The Happy Hospitalist: What Kind Of Patient Are You?

The Happy Hospitalist: What Kind Of Patient Are You?
So I ask the question, what type of patient are you? Are you contributing to the demise of the third party model so ingrained in our current culture. A third party model whose cost structure has risen exponentially due to rapidly rising costs on the few. A third party model who must pass on to others the costs of a few. The following is my breakdown of America’s patients, as seen from the door of the hospital room. What kind of patient are you?

Happy’s on a roll. Excellent summation.