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Gentlemen: Start Your Grand Rounds! // Emergiblog

Gentlemen: Start Your Grand Rounds! // Emergiblog
Welcome to the Emergiblog Speedway, where the Grand Rounds 500 is about to get underway! No chance of a rain delay – our bloggers are ready to roll!

Thirty-nine bloggers have shown up for the event. All entries have qualified; no posts were sent back to the garage.

Nascar analogy, from the Bay Area.  Heh.

GruntDoc readers deliver

Remember this, a couple of days ago? We needed some connections to get a SSGT with a family and a terribly shortened lifespan to have a special dinner with his girls at DisneyWorld.

You (err, one of you) delivered. Just now by email:

Great news Doc!

A woman called our Post’s answering machine and said, “I read about the SSG on GRUNTDOC which is a blog my husband reads. I have called my daughter at Marriott in Orlando, and she will get the family into a Complimentary Princess Character Dining. Her Name is (Sweetheart) and you can call her at xxx-xxx-xxx to set up a reservation.”

I called the number and spoke with (Sweetheart); and the girls will eat with some Princesses…

How cool is that? GRUNTDOC Rocks!!!

No, the readers (err, reader) rocks, but it could have been any of you nine, so thanks to all of you. I hope we’ll get an update about how it went. Even if we don’t, life is good.

Thanks, reader, whoever you are!