Why you need an ED Pharmacist


And yes, our intrepid ED Pharmacist was able to identify them.  Strong work!


  1. How common are ER pharmacist?

    Are those caps for vials in the picture?

  2. You could do a caption contest with that one. (Trick or treat? Is it Halloween already?)

  3. What a legend. Your pharmacist must earn his/her coffee, thats for sure.

  4. Since most of us will never see a pharmie in our ED’s, I utilize poison control for pill ID’s before. They are always willing to help out.

  5. The green ones are sour.

  6. Are those red M&M’s?

  7. Police Blotter

    16 year old male, has an erection lasting more than 4 hours

    Investigation determined he stole pills from his grandfather

    Male commented that he was the high school studmuffin

    Additonally, stated he took the red pill to chase the rabbit down the hole

    Delivered to the ER

    “Your problem now suckers”

    Charges pending

  8. I’m pretty sure there are 2 red smarties in that bag of pills.

  9. I’m not up with the drug lingo. What’s a smarty?

  10. Smarties are candy as far as I naively know…

  11. I wasn’t aware that it took any kind of special training to identify pills…

    FWIW, the purple tabs look like either candy or chewable baby aspirin. The blue capsule looks like doxycycline. Looks a little light to be a Pentasa capsule, but it could be. The red things are candy — there are no prescription drugs that look like that that I’ve ever seen.

    White tablets aren’t sharp enough to be ID’d from the pic, as are the rest of the bits…

  12. redrox MSII says:

    Have you guys used the Epocrates iphone application to identify pills before?

  13. Hey GD: The Pharmacist Husband says you should hold an ID contest on this Bag-o-Treats. He does this shjt at least three times a week. Normal ID on something like this should be 15 mins or less. As for having a ED Pharmacist in department– Joint Commission attempted to put a rule into place stating that hospitals of a certain size had to have an ED Pharmacist available to them to approve meds, dosing and other assorted duties. It got tabled and is being revisited by them soon. Normally it’s not necessary, but there are times it makes good sense. Many good Clinical Pharmacists welcome the tour of ED Pharmacy, it really helps keep their clinical skills sharp.