What my end of Hospital Credentialling looks like

Bad news? At least 47 different signatures.

Good news? It arrived mostly prefilled. Over 100 pages.


  1. It could (and soon will be) more annoying. Some insurance carriers now want these forms filled in online. So instead of just reprinting the Texas form and signing on the blanks, someone gets to spend a morning transfering the information online.

    I thought the NPI was supposed to end this mess. Or was it the UPIN that was the answer?

    BTW: You might reproduce the “I don’t do drugs” page. Hard to find a better example of useless paperwork.

  2. Ouch! I thought mine was bad. As Glen above says, however, my office is forced to go through this type of stuff online at least quarterly for a variety of insurers.

  3. HawgGuy says:

    It makes my eyes glaze over. I pay our staff secretary $100 to do it.

  4. My credentialing comes with stickers to “sign here”. Neatly filled out by our billing company. I don’t think I have ever read the darn thing. I trust others have.

  5. Beautiful color selection. Keeps 3M in business.

    This just recredentialing? Hopefully you’re not headed elsewhere for greener pastures. Where will I keep up with amusements of my former life without actually being there :)?