How do I pick wines?

By the label.  Funny > interesting > anything else.

I’m not an oenophile.  Hardly.  I’m becoming a beer-o-phile, but that is a work in progress, and so far as I know there’s no specific data on beer drinking being cardioprotective (as opposed to the 2 drinks a day isn’t bad for you dictum).  Therefore, wine with some dinners (and never on a work day, I’m not a pilot…)

I bought this the other day, strictly based on the label:

004 It’s got everything I could want: interesting label, aviation link, and history!  Oh, and it’s a wine of some sort.

So, not a sophisticate.  Again.


  1. Yes, but what does it taste like?? Pinot Noir is usually quite good, but my all-time favourite is a merlot – South African, of course. There is an SA label which has a cannon on it and, thankfully, it’s a damn fine wine too. The most amusing label I’ve ever seen is for a wine called Blue Nun – yes, it’s a nun dressed in a blue habit. Sadly, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a vile wine but it is rather popular here in the UK. *sigh*
    As to beer – proper beer, not lager, we have wonderfully named ales over here: Grumble Belly, Tanglefoot and Old Speckled Hen to name but a few.

  2. Hey there just discovered your blog while searching for Emergency Med type blogs that my wife, who is a ER Doc may find interesting. This post caught my eye because of your mention of becoming a beer connoisseur. I am a beer guy too, beer geek, beer snob, whatever you want to call it. Anyway, If you are interested there are some great sites out there. I am not going to spam your comments with links, but if your interested let me know.

    I love to help others find their way to beer enlightenment.

  3. Jim in Texas says:

    I’m becoming a beer-o-phile Time for “the best beers are…” post.

    1. Budvar Red Lable (Czechvar in the United States) obviously tap is better than bottle. There’s a gasthaus in Weisbaden near the Bahnhof…

    2. The best cold beer is a tie. San Miguel, only the domestic brand in the Philippines, export takes all the flavorful bug parts out, and efes beer in Turkey, avoid the ones that have dark matter floating.

    3. Wee Heavy. An acquired taste and a direct result of spending too much time with Scottish cops.

    4. Damn near every English Ale

    5. Damn near every Belgium beer, but especially the lambics

  4. Jim in Texas – you should come here to my neck of the woods (Sussex, UK) during Real Ale and Jazz Festival. Yum yum … just remember to get a cab to take you home!!

  5. Jim in Texas says:

    “(Sussex, UK) during Real Ale and Jazz Festival

    I lived in Cambridgeshire for 4 1/2 years and never found out about this???? I’m shattered!!

  6. I lived in Cambridgeshire for 4 1/2 years and never found out about this???? I’m shattered!!

    Seriously??? You never heard of the far-flung renowned Chichester RAaJF? Sheez, we have tons of ale festivals round us in the summer. Generally not a sober buddy in the whole group – apart from moi, who is the driver! Me being an oenophile and not a beer-o-phile :)

  7. I’m a strictly “by the label” wine buyer as well. I also choose books by their cover. Really, what else is there to judge on? ;)

  8. Kara – to judge a book, I read the first couple of pages. If I’m desperate to continue with the story, I either buy it, or go get it out the library (second option cheaper!!). I’ve yet to be disappointed in this method of choosing a book.

  9. Jack Coupal says:

    Like the excellent [and inexpensive] South African wines recommended by Jabulani, try the 2M [pronounced “Dos M” in Portuguese] beer from the same region. I think SABMiller distributes it.

  10. This is perhaps too spirited to be strictly topical, but here is the *best* use for San Miguel:

    1 qt Light rum
    1 qt Dark rum
    1 pt Cherry brandy
    6 cans San Miguel beer
    5 cans 7-Up
    4 qt Pineapple juice
    2+ bags Ice

    Mixing instructions: Mix all ingredients in large container. Keep stirred. Failure to stir will cause pineapple juice to solidify and settle, turning brown in the process.

    A small washtub is useful for mixing. Ladle into glasses, or use beer mugs to dip out personal servings.

    Serves: 8-10 sailors.

    This is the true Phillippino Mojo, which for decades was the all purpose cure for sailors, soldiers and marines who enjoyed the unique hospitality of those Islands. Highly suggested for holiday parties.

  11. Jim in Plano says:

    Damn, GD, I didn’t follow up on this one and look at all I missed. An honest-to-god recipe for Phillippino Mojo. I had it at Clark Air Base (well, Angeles City) in 1979, 82, 85… Thanks Glen.