Another homeowner friend: Power Washer

The Happy Hospitalist has been doing some home improvement, and good for him!  Motivated to post by him, here’s some of my insight.  (This is the second in a series: go get a wet vac first).

I spent some of today working with one of my favorite homeowner tools, my Karcher power washer, which I bought a few years ago at Costco (at the behest of my brother in law, who assurred me I’d like it)(he was right).  I’ve rented a gas pressure washer, but didn’t want to have to worry about gas in the one I owned.  Also, there may be a better brand, but I’m perfectly happy with this one.

I use it yearly to clean my vinyl and aluminum siding, and to clean tree/bird residue from the porch, dirt from the drive/sidewalks, etc.  It’s satisfying, productive, and keeps me off the internet.  Win win.

Now, I’d like to tell you about your choice of accessories when you get any power washer: a wet suit or a set of extension wands.

Picture this: you’re washing eaves, things are going well, and cold, dirty water is raining down on you (which I did, before the extensions).  Or, you can attach the extension wand, and clean from the relative dryness of several feet away, and not get the dirty rain. The wands also allow you to clean higher without getting on a ladder (which I don’t like, especially with water in use).

Today, the front and dirty side of the house.  In a week or so, out comes the man lift, and the rest of the house.

Don’t forget the wet suit.


  1. Mrs Happy bought me an air compressor a few years ago. I rarely use it for anything other pumping up Mrs Happy’s bike tires now and then. Can I turn an air compressor into a power washer?

    (That Karcher looks pretty sweet)

  2. I haven’t heard of that. The best way to turn your air compressor into a pressure washer probably involves Craigs List.

  3. When it comes to power washers I’m a believer… the first year my wife and I cleaned our deck with soapy water and scrubbing brushes – it took us almost three days; the following year we borrowed a power washers from our kind next door neighbours (thank you J&C!)- three hours later the job was done.

  4. Gotta beware of extensions and overhead power lines!

  5. AuntSusie says:

    I have a great ‘picture’ of you dripping with muddy waters!