My car threw a fit this morning

My leased car is at the end of its time, and its replacement is on the way. I’ve been very careful not to speak of The New One in or around my current car, as I believe in Carma (yes, stupid pun).

Apparently it found out, and today threw some attitude. First, the garage door closer lost its mind and had to be reprogrammed, then just as I was leaving the house the low tire pressure sensor lit up. All four tires needed just a little air.

I said nice things to it on the drive out and back, but this cars’ time is done. Cars still have some kind of feelings, though, and I never intended to hurt this ones’.

Thanks, Inexorable Lexus, and farewell.


  1. Aerospace Genius says:

    I’ve seen Carma at work as well, and I narrowly escaped an episode of Planema when my flight instructor issued an invitation to criticize the design of the airplane we were in, while we were in the swim zone over the Pacific ocean! All I said was “Never speak ill of an airplane while it can kill you.”

  2. Mrs. Fred says:

    Mr. Fred and I LOVE both comments!

  3. AuntSusie says:

    You have a garage door glitch – I have a split radiator. You have low air pressure – I have flat from big screw. You replace a Lexus – I keep a decade old Altima. It’s all relative. (is this pun as good as yours? I think so.)