2+2=7? Seven things you may not know about Press Ganey Statistics

…The time you spend with critically ill patients may make another department’s satisfaction scores better . . . while making yours worse…

via 2+2=7? Seven things you may not know about Press Ganey Statistics.

A nice evaluation of Press Ganey and its current application in the Emergency Department.

I have No Idea why hospitals pay for this service, when they could do it themselves for a lot less moolah, have much higher data capture rates, and get actually usable data.


  1. I work in the central billing office of a large multi-specialty physicians group which is owned by a “healthcare system” that also owns several hospitals. I am completely unable to affect Press-Ganey scores, either at the hospital level OR at the physicians’ office level, unless I receive a P-G survey as a patient.
    I have received two of them in the fairly recent past and gave both the hospital and my personal physician’s office great scores. Why? Because my personal physician is a WONDERFUL doctor and her staff is great and they deserved it. And because my quarterly “incentive” bonus is based entirely on whether or not the hospitals meet their patient satisfaction goals. My incentive is to overstate my satisfaction with the hospital and I had already addressed the one or two problems I had directly with the staff at the hospital at the time. All patients *should*; most patients *won’t*.
    I’ve also been known to move to the back of the line of x-ray patients because everyone knows that wait times are what make people the most dissatisfied, but that’s a rare opportunity for me. Still, I take it every time and make up the extra time at my actual job later.