Feel like you’re not getting enough mail?

Sign up for the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly.

I did, months ago, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been. I don’t recall the direct mailings being this voluminous. “We’re going to be at ACEP, in booth xyxy” they say. All very slick, professionally produced.

I wonder if this is required by ACEP, otherwise, what’s the point? Pretty much everyone visits the exhibits at least once (as I said, it’s been a while, and I noticed a distinct drop in visitors when the free pens ran out, but that was the Philly ACEP), and I have a question: does anyone* read the mass mailing and say ‘hey, I was going to blow off the exhibitors, but now I’m definitely going to check them out’?

There are some things about business and advertising I don’t get.

*All bets are off if you’re looking for a new job, I get that. Were I looking (and I’m not) I’d have a diagram and an itinerary for those looking to hire.


  1. I get my mail and stand right next to the recycling bin as I sort it out. All the nice shiny brochures go directly into the bin, unread.

  2. J. DeLaughter says:

    ditto, Shadowfax…

  3. The mailings for the American College of Cardiology meeting are just as voluminous. Reflexed straight into the recycle bin… almost recycled my registration info and ID card one year.