Compression Only CPR video

Okay, it’s kind of amusing, and I hope it induces someone to learn compression only CPR. Which is WAY easier to do, and teach, than what I started with back in the day (15 compressions, 2 breaths, rinse/repeat).

But if this makes Disco come back, is it worth it?

via Ace.


  1. Hilarious. Glad the guy lived to dance another day :)

  2. Awesome video. Great way of training. Must remember that song when the time comes.

  3. Is that gut on the couch Adam Savage from Myth Busters? If not he sure looks like him.

  4. Dan Spinato says:

    Awesome mockumentary! Gotta love Mr. Chow a.k.a Ken Jeong, LOL. Thanks for sharing!