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I’d love to shield the identify of the patient in this story. But I can’t, and you’ll understand why in a minute. It’s not that I’m worried about a HIPAA violation or a law suit. After all, the patient was my mother-in-law. She and my father-in-law – Pop Pop – have moved in with us . . . so they aren’t going to sue anybody. And while I hesitate to embarrass my soft-spoken “Mom Mom” with the details of this tale, I have to tell this story straight. Here goes.

via An Elegantly Icky Solution.

Sounds like something we need to try earlier.


  1. Knowledge of this treatment has made it out into the Seattle area. It’s our understanding that you don’t have to be related, but it’s helpful to be eating the same general diet. C. diff is sufficiently awful that I’m surprised that this isn’t tried more often.

  2. I lost my mom to a botched surgery and a c diff infection that went out of control. I’m glad he got to keep his Mom Mom around. My mom’s been gone for just over two years now. But, it’s ok. I self medicate with a six pack almost daily. I suspect I’ll catch up with her soon enough. I’m just sorry I’ll be putting my small kids through the hell of loosing their father so early in life…

  3. Slogan for badge-

    “Who gives a shit about C diff? I did!”

  4. Glen Wever says:

    Be very careful when buying a “used only once” blender at a garage sale.

  5. We just did one of these in our ICU last month – family donation. There’s data behind use for both acute and chronic infections. Yeesh, not my style. I went into pulmonary to avoid poop, not play in it. But thanks