How ER docs actually process what we do

A remarkably good blog post from Seth Treuger ( @MDaware on twitter). The classic model of history, physical, testing, diagnosis & treatment does not apply to us. I think we do 3 things in emergency medicine: Resuscitation Risk … [Continue reading]

When healthcare is literally legislated

Hint: it's not good. A terrific article from Weingart and Faust. ... If the drafted CMS measure goes into effect, we are hosed. Because data will be collected retrospectively, hundreds of patients will be deemed severe sepsis who were never … [Continue reading]



I'm not a book reviewer but when I read one I want to share I'll tell you about it.  This is one for a small audience, those who are space junkies who don't know a ton about the U.S. Mir space missions. It's very well written and well sourced, … [Continue reading]

Nursing Homes are restarting the ‘don’t send the MAR’ game

For a primer, from 2007, here. Another patient, another absent MAR (if you don't know that acronym, you didn't read the lead in article!). Usually they send when we call, but not recently. Here's an amalgamation of some cases: Calls are made by … [Continue reading]

How teleconferences really go

This is way too true.   … [Continue reading]

America’s Emergency Physicians

Really good video! … [Continue reading]

VP Biden’s best speech

Joe Biden isn't my cuppa tea. Yet, his talk to TAPPS is the best contemporaneous speech by a Pol to military families who lost family members in combat. I now like him much more. … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday Dad!


Thanks for not killing me all those years ago. … [Continue reading]

The NYT, Maureen Dowd, and Dr. Caplan

Behold, a very worthy rant.  Recommended. … [Continue reading]

It’s’s birthday!

The thirteenth, and as such is in that awkward non-communicative phase.  Thanks to the seven of you for checking in from time to time!  Yes, I intend to keep this. Should my current situation change, I suspect long form blog posts … [Continue reading]

A wonderful Fisking

I'm neither terribly for nor against paramedics working as employees in the ED, but I love people ripping apart straw man arguments. Texas ENA’s Unprofessional Attack on EMS Author’s note: I generally avoid posting non-tech matters on my blog, but … [Continue reading]

They call me ‘Doc’

For the mighty Navy Corpsmen, past, current and future.   … [Continue reading]

Olivet Nazarene University ED Nursing graphic


Well done, and some good information:   via … [Continue reading]

TELCO types, I have a question

So, I figure someone out there knows the answer to this, and I'll share my guess, but I can't find an answer on the internet. My Question: Why does my cell phone ignore (or add) a "1" with a phone call, but my POTS* line phone doesn't. Not only … [Continue reading]

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


unless it's the tail rotor. They will straight up kill you. Buy the t-shirt! … [Continue reading]