Trenchy ends his shift

He left a comment in the previous post:

I was ordered to pull the plug today myself.

Dang it.

There’s a saying in medicine, “Don’t be the first, and don’t be the last”. I am starting to wonder if that applies here.

And, frankly, I think taking down a site isn’t going to help a whole lot if people are going to try to use your blogging against you, given the Google cache.

I’m wondering when I’m going to get the call…


  1. Damn. Sorry to hear it, Trenchy. You’ll be missed.

  2. Don’t you dare :P

    I think this will blow over. There will be lots of shake-ups, then it’ll settle down.

  3. The other side of this coin is the infringement on the First Amendment — we may see that other side.

    I’m trying to imagine if my partners might “insist” that I stop blogging. They don’t exactly have that right, but these things are tricky indeed. It’s more than just some imaginary Golden Rule of blogging like “Blog unto others as you would have others blog unto you.”

  4. jrobatc says:

    Trenchy is truly one of a kind and will be missed. I happen to have had the privelege of having him train me as a resident as well as now being partners in the same group. His humor and wit are top notch being surpassed only by his knowledge and skills as a physician. His blog was a true gem and as you wrote in ImpactedER nurse a great way to vent and allow us to keep our perspectives in order.

  5. Trenchy-

    You’ll be missed. If possible, it would be interesting to hear the concerns cited that prompted them to as you to take your blog down…