I finally thought of a meme

I got tagged with the six-word meme plague recently, and couldn’t think of one, unti it just occurred to me today while driving home (and it’s weird, as I wasn’t even thinking about it consciously):

When your emergency happens, I’m ready.

Yes, the contraction is cheating.  I can live with it.


  1. GruntDoc,
    How about this: “When s#*t happens, I am ready.” Be honest, not everything we see is an emergency.

  2. A, B, Cs keep me traiged.

  3. when emergencies happen, I am ready(?)

    [GD: That’s very good, too.]

  4. How about these alternatives…

    Stub your toe, I’m your bro.

    Wreck yur car, I am thar.

    Slip and fall, wez on call.

    Need a fix, seen yur tricks.

  5. Totally awesome.