F-16 takes out tyranical suburban!! – SportsCarForums.com

F-16 takes out tyranical suburban!! – SportsCarForums.com
Sobering shot of an SUV that got lit up by mistake, by an F16 driver near the air-ground gunnery range outside Dugway, Utah. The ‘light paint and body damage’ is the result of a one-quarter-second burst by the fighter’s 20 mm gun, which fires about 3000 rounds per minute. An estimated 70 rounds left the gun; the results are as you see here.

Geez.  Read the article for the occupant injuries (survivable).  Friendly fire isn’t.


  1. I know some people hate SUVs, but that’s a rather direct way to take out your frustrations!

  2. Shocking!! I hate SUVs. But I wouldn’t do that. The F16 probably guzzles more fuel, which of course is costlier, in a day than what the SUV would in a month.

  3. Guinness.Pint says:

    Soldiers in the car were “training to identify enemy targets and direct U.S. aircraft to fire on them.” Uh, guys, by “them” we meant the targets.

  4. Vijay,

    The F-16 can burn more fuel in an hour than a SUV will in a year. Yes, a year. Just for reference.


  5. Jim in Texas says:

    Murphy’s Laws of Armed Conflict

    Frendly fire isn’t
    Suppressive fire doesn’t
    Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you
    Tracers work both ways. (BOY do I know that one!)
    Things that must be shipped together as a set, aren’t.
    Things that must work together can’t be carried into the field that way.
    Never hide behind an odd shaped object, odd shaped objects draw fire.

  6. Jim’s reply reminded me of Sarge’s rules from China Beach. Here is a link…


    I think Jim’s version of Murphy’s Laws of Armed Conflict have a few relevant addition’s, and you may want to see Sarge’s addition as well.


  7. the f-16 will actually burn around 23 gallons a minute at full military thrust military thrust is with the afterburners on and maximum thrust reffered to as dry thrust is without the afterburners.
    i only know this stuff because i just finished a school to work program for a highschool class where i get to go and work on f-16’s for 16 weeks.