Why I had to Quit Blogging. [spankysplace.blog-city.com]

Why I had to Quit Blogging. [spankysplace.blog-city.com]
I would like to relate why I had to stop blogging two years ago.

Azygous disappeared a while back, and wondered what had happened.  Now we know.

I hope this means he’s back for a good while…


  1. TheNewGuy says:

    And here we see what happens when nameless, faceless, nearly-impossible-to-fire bureaucrats get too much power. Screw with them or resist their edicts, and you end up having to stand tall before the man.

    Disgusting… but not surprising.

  2. End of life is an extremely emotional and difficult time for care providers, patients, and the health care infrastructure as a whole. In America we don’t really deal with end of life issues in as constructive a way as possible, and care guidelines designed for long term, sustainable practice are not well adapted for end of life considerations. It is necessary to have checks ad balances to ensure proper care is being administered but this case is quite obviously bureaucratic handwringing run amok. I am glad to hear the inspector is out of there but the faults in the system remain.

  3. Thank you for coming back and taking a read. It was a hellish two years. I’m not done with the inspector though. I’m still going after his RN license.

  4. Some of the more frustrating parts of the medical profession I must say. Makes me wonder why so many people still give their time to be a part of it.