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Sportsman’s Blog: This Ought To Make Most Guys Cringe

Sportsman’s Blog: This Ought To Make Most Guys Cringe.

Wow.  I’d agree.

Have a look at the pictures, then tell me what you think.  I think the cattle guard on the front of the truck probably saved the drivers’ life, as the taper of the gate hit the maximum height of the left side of the cattle guard.  Probably was a very quick stop.

Very close call.

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Sam Ko’s Emergency Medicine Blog: Ten Emergency Medicine Websites I Love and Will Marry

Sam Ko’s Emergency Medicine Blog: Ten Emergency Medicine Websites I Love and Will Marry.

I am always please to be singled out, and am humbled to be mentioned with the other 9 excellent blogs in this category.

But, I’m already married.  So, there’s that.

Meat stylus for the iPhone

Meat stylus for the iPhone.

Another use for SlimJims….

I found out the hard way recently that you can’t make the iPhone touch pad work with gloves on…and these Koreans figured out a workaround.

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Winkler County Nurse found Not Guilty

Former Winkler County Nurse Found “Not Guilty” 2/11/10

Elias Hernandez

CBS 7 News

February 11, 2010

12:20 PM

The verdict just in.

Former Winkler County nurse, Anne Mitchell, has been found “not guilty” for misusing confidential information.

via CBS 7 – Your Eye on West Texas.

A case that should never have been brought is now over.

Now, about that Civil suit…

Update: via the NYT:

A jury in West Texas took less than an hour Thursday to acquit a nurse who had been charged with a felony after anonymously complaining to the state medical board that a doctor at her hospital was practicing unsafe medicine. The prosecution had ignited deep concern among health care workers and advocates for whistle-blowers about the potential chilling effect of a conviction.

Less than an hour.

Update: more coverage of the acquittal:

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Modern Healthcare (requires free but annoying registration), LA Times

Updated and Bumped: CBS 7 – Your Eye on West Texas covering the Winkler County Nurse Trial

Welcome InstaPundit readers!

(links fixed @ 2225 Central; sorry).

If you’re new to this story, the backgrounder is here.

The trial of Anne Mitchell, RN for doing her duty (reporting bad patient care to the Texas Medical Board) started 3 days ago.  I cannot find CBS’s coverage (if there was any) of Day 1, but there is pretty good coverage of days 2 & 3.

Day 2

Day 3

Having read that (and being quite biased for the nurse in this case) so far all Ms. Mitchell has to worry about are her legal bills.  I suspect they’ll be covered by the settlement from her civil suit for malicious prosecution.

HT: Glen in West Texas

Update: ABC’s Good Morning America has a good report on this as well, with about a 3 minute video.

10 More Secrets the ER Staff Won’t Tell You | Insider Secrets & Tips | Reader’s Digest

10 More Secrets the ER Staff Won’t Tell You

Exclusive insider information from doctors, nurses, and paramedics that will astonish you — and could save your life.

via 10 More Secrets the ER Staff Won’t Tell You | Insider Secrets & Tips | Reader’s Digest.

Sure, Kevin, MD writes OpEds for USA Today, but has he been quoted in Readers’ Digest? I think not.

The March, 2010 issue is out, and a few of my well-meaning quips are included in a story “50 things the ER Staff Won’t Tell You” or somesuch (I’m going by email reports here, I don’t have a copy yet).

The link above is to their online version, which has 10 of them.  Now, should I add this to my CV?

Air Accidents Investigation: G-YMMM Report Sections

Air Accidents Investigation: G-YMMM Report Sections.

January, 2008 a Boeing 777 landed short (300 meters) of Heathrow.  No deaths, fortunately.  The aircraft looks like a write-off from the damage description, but I’d be interested to know if I’m wrong.

Here’s the official British report: it’s well written and understandable.  If you’re interested, ‘synopsis’ gives the why, and ‘conclusions’ gives a clinically chilling look at the crash and its cause.

HT: reader Glen

Snow Removal Tips – How to Shovel Snow – Popular Mechanics

Snow Removal Tips – How to Shovel Snow – Popular Mechanics.

I’ve never had to shovel snow,so these tips were new to me.

I still don’t want to, but maybe some of you are snowed in right now, saying “If only I knew the 16 Cardinal Rules, I’d be able to shovel my way out”.

You’re Welcome.

HT: InstaPundit (all hail the blogger king).

BBC News – ‘Third-hand smoke’ could damage health

Lingering residue from tobacco smoke which clings to upholstery, clothing and the skin releases cancer-causing agents, work in PNAS journal shows.

Berkeley scientists in the US ran lab tests and found “substantial levels” of toxins on smoke-exposed material.

They say while banishing smokers to outdoors cuts second-hand smoke, residues will follow them back inside and this “third-hand smoke” may harm.

via BBC News – ‘Third-hand smoke’ could damage health.

The war on smokers continues.  I am against smoking, but don’t get this ‘they’re endangering everyone around them’ approach.

Breaking news: life is dangerous. | Grand Rounds is up!

Welcome to Grand Rounds for February 9th. How are you? Sitting here, finalizing the posts, I am stricken by my utter inability to say anything nearly as entertaining as Dr. Rob did last week. I mean, I don’t have a single llama picture to offer you! I’m very disappointed in myself.

via | Grand Rounds is up!.

No llamas?  Oh, well.  It’s still good.

Body found in plane’s landing gear bay in Japan –

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) — A body was found in the landing gear bay of an airplane that arrived at Tokyo's Narita Airport Sunday, the airport announced.

The dead man was not carrying a passport or personal belongings, airport police said.

via Body found in plane’s landing gear bay in Japan –

JFK to Narita.  Someone was able not just to approach this aricraft without appropriate ID, but was able to climb into the landing gear bay (under the wing structure, next to the fuel tanks) and hide there.

FWIW, stowing away in a wheel well is a bad way to die.  If you’re not crushed to death by the landing gear coming up (it’s hydraulic, powered to lift a couple of tons against high airspeeds, there’s not any ‘extra’ room in the wheel well*), there’s not enough oxygen to survive at cruising altitude, even if it were heated, which it’s not.  So, don’t try it.

Now, substitute the word bomb for body.  Someones’ security isn’t good enough.  By far.

*Dad was an airline mechanic; back in the Good Old Days, kids could go to work with their dads and watch their dads work on them (and occasionally I got to empty out ash trays and arrange seat belts).  I learned a lot from that.

Beer May Be Good For Your Bones | LiveScience

If you downed one too many while watching the Super Bowl, here's at least one reason to hold your head high: Drinking beer can be good for your health.

But seriously, a new analysis of 100 commercial beers shows the hoppy beverage is a significant source of dietary silicon, a key ingredient for bone health.

via Beer May Be Good For Your Bones | LiveScience.

Beer.  Wonder and medicine, in a convenient serving size.  (Also, silicon).

Report a bad doctor to the authorities, go to jail? It might really happen for Anne Mitchell, RN in Winkler County, Texas : Respectful Insolence

Report a bad doctor to the authorities, go to jail? It might really happen for Anne Mitchell, RN in Winkler County, Texas : Respectful Insolence.

He’s been on this from the beginning.  Good news: one of the nurses was dismissed; bad news, the other is on trial.


My grandparents lived in Winkler County (Kermit), and are gone now.  I think they’re spinning in their graves over this.

WD-40 may have screwed up here

Look at the picture of the new WD-40 can. It has a new pivoting gadget that combines spray or straw use without any plugging in, trying to find the little orifice with a stiff red piece of plastic, etc.

As an engineering piece ( and without having used it ) it looks terrific.

But, I usually buy a new can shortly after I lose the straw. How will their sales do with this unlosable straw gadget?

Military increases availability of morning-after pill –

Washington (CNN) — All U.S. military health facilities around the world will now carry the emergency contraception pill known as Plan B One-Step, according to a new Department of Defense policy.

The decision to carry the pill, often referred to as the morning-after pill, was based on a recommendation by the Pentagon's Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, an advisory panel made up of medical professionals from the military services, Pentagon officials said Friday.

Many military hospitals already carry the pill, but the new action means it will become a standard part of every medical facility's stock of drugs, including those on bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the officials said.

via Military increases availability of morning-after pill –

Mostly right, I’d say.  I do wish it was OTC (for installations large enough to have a store of some sort) and not force women into Medical for it (it’s OTC in the US), but it’s better than not having it.