More Dead Blogs

As I have no life, I went through my blogroll this evening and unfortunately added several blogs to the “Dead” blogroll. Generally, no posts in more than 3 months, or taking your blog private makes it a functionally dead blog.

It’s amazing to me how many really good bloggers just get bored, or tired, or decide it’s not for them. (If I’ve added a blog in error, please let me know).

  • Ace of Trump
  • ChaiTeaLatte
  • Capsules
  • code:theWebSocket (that one hurts)
  • Doctor
  • Dr. Dork
  • Dr. Hebert’s Medical Gumbo
  • Flea (no explanation needed)
  • richard[Winters]md (he who got me into this)
  • Trench Doc
  • Dr. Tony
  • Health Care BS
  • Medical (Sen Bill Frists’ blog)
  • Mr. Code Brown
  • Neo Nurse Chic
  • Push Fluids
  • Scared to Health
  • Subaqua Sternal Rubs
  • Tales of an MD/PhD Student
  • the MUSC Tiger (shifted blogs)
  • Women, Fire and Dangerous Things

21 20 19 added (and two removed!). (For their URL’s, please see the sidebar. It got depressing after a while so I’m not adding the links here).


  1. enoreios says:

    “Push Fluids” was one of the first Medblogs I started reading. (They were like the blog equivalent of a gateway drug.)

    There were three authors, and they never gave an indication of why they suddenly stopped posting. Then the link died. Anyone know why?

  2. Carrie (NeoNurseChic) :) says:

    *sigh* Yep… it’s dead. And I still get requests to read it privately. I don’t really have the heart to email them back to say I’m no longer even writing on it.

    I’ve been down in Florida for the last 9 days, and I keep thinking once in awhile how last summer when I went on our family Jersey shore vacation, I blogged about the vacation near-daily. I miss doing that! I’ve done a lot while I’ve been in Florida, and it would have been fun to write about. Ah well……!

    Take care,
    Carrie :)

  3. Doc Hebert seems to have come back late last month, though nothing since then. I think he’s jsut on a brief hiatus.

  4. I hope the current blog-closing-down “trend” has stopped. I hope no more blogs go away. It totally helps me psychologically to read the thoughts of other medical bloggers, no matter what discipline they are, docs, nurses, medics, etc.

  5. Dr. Dork’s site may or may not be open, since indications are that it is for “invited guests only.” So it may be the first site to show signs of agoraphobia.

  6. That’ll teach me not to check. Dr. Hebert had a ‘going on hiatus’ post a week or two ago, and I didn’t re-check yesterday. So, he’s not dead, and has been removed from the Dead Blogs list.